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- 20/05/2019
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A majority of Kenya’s population live below a dollar a day. This situation has made many to live in slums and low-cost houses that do not drain their hard earned money.

As a developer, this is an area you want to tap into as it forms a mass market. Remember, a successful business idea serves to give solutions to a problem.

The below four tips will help you to develop a low-cost housing structure that will, in turn, make you that investor you have wanted to be.

  • Building materials to be used in the construction

Much as you want to develop a simple housing structure, you need to give it a secure touch that will allow your tenants to feel safe whenever they are in that house or home. Considering this aspect, you, therefore, need to factor in the aspect of strong and durable construction materials for your house.

Also, you should factor in the duration that you want your house to evolve into. If it is a lifetime investment, consider taking your time to develop a structure that will not require more in terms of maintenance in the future and vice versa.

  • Expenses in terms of labour (Professionals and Specialists)

How much does it cost you to hire manpower? How much will it cost you to hire resources? These are some of the questions that you should ask yourself before developing that structure.

Therefore, your budget should address all these costs to ensure that you are not surprised by the extra costs that might be associated with your construction needs, hence overburdening.

Sometimes, it may cost you 20% less by hiring specialists/professionals to do a particular task as opposed to putting all the responsibilities on the subcontractor.

  • Simple designs

Yes, keep your house design simple. Simple house designs will cost you less as opposed to classy and complex designs that require designers or professionals to lay down the design for you at a price.

In most instances, since you are a first-timer or you do not have enough money to build skyscrapers, you will need to start a simple housing investment that will give you the value for your money.

So, unless you have a lot to invest in prestigious designs, then go for simple house designs.

  • Think about open plan housing designs

There is nothing more interesting in having a simple housing structure than having open plan rooms that allow the occupant to make his or her designs in a way that seems fit to him or her.

Open plan house structures allow you as the developer or investor to spend less as compared to fully partitioned rooms that will require you to spend more.

As simple as it might be, be sure the rewards are not only amazing but long term.

At Digger, we strive to give you various housing tips that will allow you to get it right before investing. Once done, you can have your housing development listen on digger and we will have your houses filling up on no time. You can also have a look at other properties listed here

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