How does Employment affect your Lifespan?

- 18/03/2020
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By Stephen Otieno:

The risk of joblessness appears to be underrated irrespective of its adverse effects in the contemporary society. People get stressed that they don’t have jobs. People get sick of their joblessness situations. While employment does not guarantee long life, it somewhat influences the life expectancy of individuals. Smoking kills, joblessness too.

The Risk of Unemployment

The possibility that one’s life may be shortened in one way or another when they do not have a job is almost a pure truth.

Better educated and employed individuals are said to be less likely to face traumatic events in life including marital and parental issues, and financial stress; these are some of the factors that contribute hugely to the death of a notable percentage of the country’s population. Traumatic events, such as assault, depression, and divorce are more likely to affect a jobless individual or family at one time in their lives.

Fact, employment strengthens one’s financial muscles such that they may afford a better medication holding other influential factors constant. Employed people are most likely educated. Once an individual is employed, they have a higher chance of having a health insurance, which protects them against the risk of sickness at any point in time.

How many people have lost their lives because they cannot afford proper medication? Good employment improves the quality of life and mitigates financial hardship. Poor quality life attracts different kinds of difficulties and problems that may later develop into diseases.


Most researches have proven that education and employment have a direct influence on the lifespan of individuals.

One of the Public Health Reports sponsored by the US National Library of Medicine assessed the correlation between life expectancy and employment status and education. The results of the study showed that educated and employed men and women could live averagely 10 years longer than their uneducated or less educated and unemployed fellows. Someone would say that that is America. The situation is not or less different to the one in Africa, in Kenya. The death rate of unemployed individuals living in slums is more likely to be high than that or an employed individual living in the suburb; this goes without saying.

According to the Business Insider, an American business and financial news webpage, people with more education and good employment are generally healthier and have lower rates of obesity and other lifestyle diseases. Of course this is debatable but has some trustable content of truth. Some cases are evident right before our eyes.

Researches have proved that work stress also has its critical repercussions. But is job stress comparable to the stress of joblessness?


There’s always an exemption in every research results or outcome. Researches can hardly be 100% accurate.

It is possible that one may be unemployed and they may live longer. Also, one may be employed and they may live for a relatively short time. Life expectancy does not completely rely on employment status but also the Acts of God. Sometimes nature takes its course unopposed.

Life is a good thing to have, but may not be interesting if it is featured with sufferings and pain. Employment could just be a spice that your life can do with or without.

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