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- 29/04/2019
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Headlights, fog lights, break lights and indication lights are all necessary lights to have on your car. They communicate to other drivers and pedestrians on the action you are taking in your car hence enabling them make sound judgements on the road. Can you imagine driving behind a car with faulty indication lights? That’s a disaster waiting to happen.

Therefore, if you are the kind of a driver who owns a car that has faulty light bulbs, please consider changing them or having them fixed. This will help you avoid problems that might arise due to the lack of proper lighting on the road. Remember you are not the only driver on the road!

Stay safe by considering the following five great ideas.

Check your headlights condition

Due to adverse weather effects, headlights tend to get discolored over the years resulting to less visibility when the lights are on. It would therefore be wise to check on the condition of the headlights, get them cleaned regularly and changed to ensure that your headlights are in optimal conditions.[photo]



Clean and change your car mirrors

You need to drive a car whose mirrors are free from damage/cracks and any blind spots. As such, as a car owner you should clean the mirror of your car for a clear view of the road when driving.

At times, if the damages are spread all over the side mirrors, ensure to have them replaced at an auto shop.

Consider keeping enough distance on the road with the car in the front

Many accidents are caused when one drives closely with the car in front of him or her. In this case, one is likely to hit the car in front of him or her since he or she has not kept a reasonable distance as recommended by driving schools.

Especially during traffic jams, this is likely to happen since there’s no space for one accelerate or even brake in case of faulty brakes.

It is therefore advisable for a driver to keep distance to ensure of effective reaction when driving in case of emergencies.

Factor in the idea of checking the condition of your headlights

This involves thoroughly checking how well your cars headlights bulbs are fitted on the plastic holder so as to avoid loose or poorly fitted bulbs.

Sometimes these bulbs may be deem when you are driving on the road, an aspect that will force you to contact your mechanic for adjustment.

Fix your cars with Fog Lights

If you are the person living in a heavy fog environment, it is recommendable for you to have your car installed with additional fog lights.

These fog lights will come in handy since, you will need to have a clear visibility on the road to clear away heavy accumulation of fog.

Digger hopes to see you safe and sound. Do not drink and drive!

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