Working with Generation X, Y and Z

- 18/03/2020
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By Stephen Otieno:

Age is a factor worth consideration in employment. Relationship at work affects production and performance both directly and indirectly. Employers prefer cordial and professional relationships even though friendship is somewhat limited by age in some cases. I’ve met youths who say, “I find befriending middle-aged persons a difficult task.” Youths relate easily with people who are the age of their grandparents than the people who are the age of their parents. Apparently, people of all generations meet at a workplace.

Generation X

Generation X is the age cohort born prior to 1980s. Many times they are the bosses or senior workers. Employers expect a lot of experience from them especially because of their age. They are at least above age 40, and shy away from entry level job positions; sometimes they are right on this, sometimes they are not. Most of the Generation X individuals aren’t comfortable when a younger person leads them in any organizational department.  They are more likely to be appointed in the leadership positions. Generation X age cohort is more flexible for most job positions compared to the other two generations. Employers often make assumptions that they are mature professionally. Is it because they are mostly married?

Generation Y

Generation Y, the millennials, are said to have been born between 1984 and 1996. However, there is a little debate about the timeframe in which they were born. In other words, they are senior youths. Employers consider them the most educated because majority of them have at least a bachelor’s degree and further education. In Kenya, they are believed to have brought more racial diversity than any other generation. Most of them have parents of different tribes.

Also, their level of creativity is at a relatively high level. They are mostly active in societal and other activities. When the government talks about unemployment, it literally talks about them. They need guidance in many walks of life including in career path development. Lately, they’ve been identified as either foregoing or delaying marriage. They are skeptical and eager to discover more about life; they question actions most of the times. However, some millenials’ mindsets are as good as those of Generation X. Generation Y group are bound to make poor choices in life.

Generation Z

Generation Z, also called Generation Alpha. They are born between 1995 and the present. One interesting fact about them is that they mature faster because of the developed nature of their current environment. They are experts in using smartphones and exploring the internet. At workplaces, they mainly work as interns even though some work under contracts and undertake temporary jobs. Most of them dislike a busy and serious environment; they like jovial and playful atmosphere. The oldest Generation Z individual is currently 25 years. A few of them are married, or looking forward to do so. The tech-savvy generation learns more by themselves than from the people around them. Hardworking ones are easily identified by the management and natured through their career to become competent employees in the near future.

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