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  • Tender close date:27/06/2019
  • Company tendering:Parastatal
  • Advert Type:WANTED
  • Posted on:12/06/2019





Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) has received funds from the Government of Kenya (Development Vote) and the Kenya Roads Board and intends to carry out Rehabilitation and Routine maintenance works on several roads in various National Parks/Reserves. The scope of work is detailed in the tender document. Eligible bidders shall submit the following among other eligibility requirements listed in the instruction to bidders;

i.                     Certified Copy of Certificate of Incorporation/Business Registration name under the Companies Act.

ii.                   A certified current copy of form CRT 2 for limited companies issued by the Registrar of Companies that clearly indicates the ownership of the companies (not older than 12 months).

iii.                  Copy of a valid Tax Compliance Certificate from Kenya Revenue Authority (K.R.A) as at the date of tender opening.

iv.                 Valid current annual NCA practicing license for each specified category.

v.                  A declaration that the bidder will not engage in any corrupt or fraudulent practice.

vi.                 A declaration that the bidder or her sub-contractors are not debarred from participating in procurement proceedings by Public Procurement Regulatory Authority.

vii.               Original Tender Security amount as stated in the Schedule of Roads Tenders posted at KWS website and the tender documents. The tender security shall be issued in Kenya shillings or a freely convertible currency and in the form of bank guarantee or an insurance guarantee from insurance companies approved by PPRA / deposit taking microfinance institutions, SACCO societies, Youth Enterprise Development Fund or Women Enterprise Development Fund. Where bids are reserved for special groups; a dully completed and signed Tender Securing Declaration Form in the standard format provided in the tender document shall be accepted as tender security.

viii.              The Tender Security shall be in the standard format provided in the tender document and valid for a period of 120 days from the date of tender opening.

ix.                  In addition where bids are reserved for special groups , each bid shall be accompanied by ;

•                    Certified copy of valid YAGPO Certificate as proof of Registration in the target Group as issued by the National Treasury as at the date of tender closing.

•                    Certified valid copy of PWD Identity Card issued by National Council for Persons With Disability (N.C.P.D). This applies for PWD category.

•                    Evidence of access to funds or financing agreement/Credit facility from banks or deposit taking microfinance institutions, SACCO societies. Youth Enterprise Development Fund or Women Enterprise Development Fund as prescribed in the tender document.

x.                   Bidders and their respective directors can submit up to a maximum of two bids, but from the same national park or reserve. Bidders and their respective directors submitting bids for different parks and Reserves shall be disqualified.

xi.                  There shall be MANDATORY organized pre-tender site visit on the dates and time specified in the tender document and the Schedule of Roads Tenders posted at KWS website. Bidders shall assemble at the designated locations as indicated in the invitation to bidders.

•                    The attendance register and certificate of site visit shall be signed at the end of the pre-tender site visit by the bidder and witnessed by the KWS representative on the date of organized site visit.

•                    Every bidder shall be represented by one person bearing a letter from the company authorizing them to represent the company in the pretender site visit. One (1) person shall only represent one company. The letter shall be in the official company letter head giving name and National Identification / Passport No. of the representative who shall be required to present their original identification during the pre-tender site visit.

xii.                Bidders having ongoing works with KWS that have not been substantially completed will not be eligible for bidding in these tenders and will be disqualified.

xiii.               The bidders shall comply with all the instructions of the tender and submit a complete set of tender document as per the Instruction to bidders Clause 9.1 and also ensure that all the forms required are properly filled for completeness.

xiv.              All the pages of bid document MUST be serialized sequentially from cover page to the last page.

Bidders who fail to comply with this criterion will be disqualified.

Schedule of Roads Tenders and Tender documents containing detailed specifications can be downloaded for free at our website;

Communication in regard to the tender must be in writing through email address: [email protected]

All clarifications and/or amendments will be published in KWS website and tenderers are required to check for any addendums or amendments in the course of the bidding period prior to the closing date.

The complete tenders enclosed in sealed envelopes clearly marked with the appropriate Tender Number and Road Name shall be submitted to:




P. O. BOX 40241-00100,


Or to be deposited in the Tender Box on Ground Floor, Main Reception on or before than 10.00 am on Thursday, June 27th, 2019.

Opening of the Tenders will take place immediately thereafter in the KWS Conference Room in the presence of bidders representatives who wish to attend.


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